' Waving Tree Winery - Vineyard


We are located just below Sam Hill’s Stonehenge Memorial in the community of Maryhill, WA.  Our vineyards are bordered on the South by the Columbia River and on the North by basalt cliffs.  The view to the west is Mt. Hood and the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge both appearing over the river.

We have the longest growing season in Eastern Washington.  Our ability to ripen Southern Rhone and Northern Italian varietals allows consistent quality.  The tempering effect of the Columbia River is a benefit spring, fall, and especially in the summer heat.  With annual rainfall under 12 inches falling in the late fall, winter and early spring, we are able to control the growth of our vines.

Our soil is sand, gravel and other sediment deposited during the Great Missoula Floods.  The depth is 30 plus feet with no hard pans or other restrictions for root growth.  The vineyards all slope to the south for even sun exposure.  Excellent drainage of the soil allows for consistent managed growth.

“Walt and I also drove down to the river and tried to visit, unannounced, the Takahashi family at their fruitstand. Unfortunately, none of the family was in. Tsugio “Doc” Takahashi owned the old Jordan vineyards. Today his son farms that land. Takahashi had told Walt back in 1965 that he believed some of the Muscat vines were a hundred years old, claiming they were among the oldest in the state. (We have not been able to confirm that.)”

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Ronald Irvine with Walter J. Clore