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About Us

Waving Tree Winery
123 Maryhill Hwy
Goldendale, WA  98620
phone 509-773-6552


Waving Tree Winery is owned and operated by the Atkins Family since 2001.  Terrence Atkins, Kimiko Atkins, Takashi Atkins and Janet Detering are all part of the LLC.  Everyone has a job in the family.  Kimko does the graphics and label design, Takashi and Kimko manage the Vineyards, Everyone is involved in the wine making process, Janet Detering (Terrence's Sister) does the taxes and financial statements.  Evelyn manages the Wine club and helps where ever needed.

 Waving Tree Vineyards & Winery are located just below the Stonehenge Memorial in the community of Maryhill, WA.  Wine maker Terrence Atkins and family make wine from our estate grown Italian and Rhone grape varietals. Terrence started making wine in 2001.  He studied the UC Davis oenology books and worked with a couple of wine makers for a couple of years, then started making his own wine.  We are able to make award winning wines, because of the prime grape growing area we have for our vineyards. If the grapes come in in excellent shape and ripeness it is easy to make award winning wines. This year 2017 Eric Adams is helping to make the wine, and he will be working into the jobof managing the Wine club Also as Terrence and Evelyn work toward retiring.

Our vineyards are bordered on the South by the Columbia River and on the North by basalt cliffs.  We have the longest growing season in Eastern Washington.  Our ability to ripen Southern Rhone and Northern Italian varietals allows consistent quality.  The tempering effect of the Columbia River is a benefit Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.   With rainfall under 12 inches falling in the late fall, winter and early spring, we have complete growth control of the vines.   Our soil is sand, gravel and other sediment deposited during the Great Missoula Floods.  The depth is 30 plus feet with no hard pans or other restrictions for root growth.  The vineyards are all sloping to the south for even sun exposure.  Excellent drainage of the soil allows for consistent managed growth. 

The grapes are handpicked then crushed at the Winery at 123 Maryhill Highway.  They are barrel aged according to taste, different wines take different amounts of time in the barrel.  We use French Oak, and American Oak.


Terrence Atkins- Wine maker  for Waving Tree Wine.